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Obituary for Jaida Margrit Petersen-Brown

Jaida Margrit Petersen-Brown

Our beautiful Jaida left us on November 3,2022, just weeks after her sweet 16. She was our shining star.

Jaida was born into a tragic situation, with her daddy, Rob Brown, passing away just weeks before she made her grand entrance into this world. Her mom, MaryLouise, along with big brothers Nicolas and Lucas, did their best to forge ahead, becoming an inseparable team of 4.

Jaida was the daughter that her mom had wished and prayed for. She was an actual wish come true, one of her mom’s greatest accomplishments. She was one of the most amazing gifts ever imagined.

When Jaida was 3-1/2 years old, her stepdad Rob Dueck (Bo) was welcomed into the family. Jaida loved her Bobo to the moon and back, while he in turn, loved his little JJ equally, with all his heart. She is and always will be his little girl.

Jaida loved life with her family, venturing off to places such as Florida, California, Hawai’i, Mexico, and Costa Rica. She was always ready for the next “treacherous” adventure that she would find herself on.

Jaida went horse back riding and played in waterfalls. She rode her bike down a volcano. She went digging for dinosaurs. She jumped from cliffs and swam in cenotes. She went surfing, zip lining, rock climbing, and snorkelling. She swam in the ocean and went skiing in the Okanagan Valley. She caught a fish, she went camping, she rode a quad. She cooked supper, and baked cookies. She loved pizza, Tim Horton’s farmers breakfast wraps with bacon (extra chipotle please), mashed potatoes, and bacon. Lots of bacon. She loved roller coasters, lazy rivers, and water slides. She met a princess and walked her mom down the aisle. Jaida loved makeup, but most certainly did not need it. Jaida sang, laughed, danced, loved. Jaida was perfect.

Jaida found her true passion in gymnastics, tumbling her way into the hearts of her amazing coach, and all of her teammates at Ultimate Gymnastics. She was a force to be reckoned with, and even throughout setbacks and injuries, she persevered, competing in multiple comps, flipping and flying high. Watching her was magical. Those were some of the best moments in her life.

Slowly, Jaida began struggling. Covid came, and a darkness settled in, leaving her feeling lonely, alone, abandoned, and less than. She tried hard to fight her way out but found herself falling deeper and deeper into that hollow darkness. Her family tried, tried so hard, but her loneliness grew and grew. Her family’s love alone was just not enough.

Her brother Nicolas talked and talked to Jaida, ensuring her that her feelings would change soon, that she needed to wait a bit longer, that she was in the midst of the hardest years, soon she would see and feel the light again. He knew from experience and was sharing his wisdom. He loves his sister and desperately tried to help her. He is her hero.

Her brother Lucas performed CPR on his little sister on that horrific evening of November 1. He was the clearheaded voice of reason that their mom could not be at that moment. He jumped into action and helped bring Jaida back to life, something that a 17 year old should never have to do. He loves his sister and desperately tried to help her. He is her hero.

Jaida loved her pets, kitties Jimmy & Sammy, and her puppy – “the most beautiful girl” Kalani (LaniBear). They sense her missing, they feel the loss and sadness.

Mere days before she passed away, Jaida made her wishes clear that if anything were to happen to her, she wanted to become an organ donor. Her wishes were followed, and we hope beyond hope that the gifts she has shared have saved multiple people. Some families are beyond grateful today for a second chance with their loved ones. This is Jaida’s final legacy. She is amazing.

We love our beautiful, smart, witty, hilarious, loving, wise, perfect Jaida. Our hearts are broken beyond repair. We are at a loss and not sure how to navigate and move on from this.

A huge thank you to all of the first responders, and to the amazing staff in the IMCU. Michelle, Emily, Katie. You are angels. You treated Jaida with respect and dignity. You took such good care of our little girl. Thank you. Teda and Kiley. You coordinated Jaida’s organ donation with such care and grace. Thank you. We are eternally grateful to all of you. You helped us get through the unthinkable with kindness and love.

We feel that our school system let Jaida down. She was struggling, and the resources she desperately needed were not there. There is not enough or proper help/resources for students dealing with mental health issues. Please, let’s make a change.

We feel that our Mental Health Care system let Jaida down. It failed our entire family. We tried for years to get Jaida the help she needed, it was nowhere to be found. Please, let’s make a change.

Jaida is survived by her mom MaryLouise, her stepdad Rob Dueck (Bo), her brother Nicolas, her brother Lucas, her pets Jimmy, Sammy, LaniBear, multiple aunts, uncles, and cousins. Her dad, grandma, and grandpa have surely already welcomed her into heaven.

In lieu of flowers, cards, food, donations....Please let the children in your life know how loved they are. Hold them tight. Let them know they are enough. Let them know they are worth it. Tell them once, and then tell them again and again, make sure they really hear you.

To all of Jaida’s peers....Please please, be kind. Put down your phones, talk to each other, be together. When a friend is in need, please listen to them. It can save a life.

Jaida will be laid to rest at Riverside Cemetery, together with her dad and grandparents. A small service for family and close friends will follow.
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Jaida. Precious girl. Sweetheart. You will never be forgotten. You are loved, so very, very loved. You, my dear Patoutie, were more than enough.
Until we meet again XOXOXOXO