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Obituary for John Pimenow

John Vladmir Pimenow

John passed away Wednesday, April 19, 2023 in hospital. Though unexpected it was peaceful and with family by his side.

John was born June 14, 1949 to parents Alexander and Emilia in Fort William, now known as Thunder Bay. His sister, Suzan followed a little while later. His younger years were spent on their grandparents' farm on Oliver Road.

He attended local schools becoming an elementary teacher with the Lakehead School Board teaching primary in the rural schools. Many a student would approach him years later to thank him for being strict but fair and instilling in them the importance of the three R's. They would reminisce about their music periods when he would haul out his guitar and they would excuses.

John was an active participant in many different sports and activities while growing up but the one he enjoyed and played regularly well into adulthood was baseball. He knew baseball inside and out and was often called upon when any questionable plays occurred on the field. His proudest moment came when his little league team was inducted into the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame. He was not just a participant though, he was a fervent fan. He picked his teams in baseball, football, basketball and hockey when young and stuck with them. He followed them religiously reveling when they won and complaining bitterly when they lost.

The love of music was another interest that started early in life and continued throughout his whole life. He had a clear definition of what he considered music. He collected those albums and songs he loved and played them loudly. Sometimes the guitar would come out and he would try to learn them while listening. Many a time his "song book" and guitar would be stowed in the trunk when invited to those backyard parties to be brought out when the time was right. Whenever he heard of bands or singers he loved coming here or to nearby cities obtaining tickets became a priority and the best seat possible a bonus.

John was a man who had this inherent need to know and continue learning throughout his life. He was the man who could come up with an answer to the most trivial of questions. He could recall past events right down to the date but if you asked him about yesterday he would say "Ask me in ten years". He had a memory like that set of encyclopedia's that collected dust in our parents' home. He loved to laugh and make others laugh always having a joke at the ready to brighten someone's day. He sought connections with people he met to find that common thread and never hesitated to engage a perfect stranger. He always greeted friends like they hadn't seen each other in years and was so glad to see them. Everyone closest to him had a nickname like a term of endearment. As I've been told by many he was "one of a kind" in so many ways and will not soon be forgotten.

Dearest John, the silence since you left me is deafening. I will forever miss you; your wife, love of your life, best friend and partner in crime Katherine (Kathy/Vern).

Left to mourn are his immediate family; sister Suzan Pimenow and nephew Kyle Tervonen, cousins Dan (Donna) Zadovich and Sonja (Michael) Nurse. There is also his extended family; the in-laws and those born through the longest and closest of friendships.

As per John's wishes there will be no funeral. A Celebration of Life will be held. Date, time and location will be announced once all arrangements are finalized. Online condolences may be expressed at